Discipleship Bands

We don’t have a lack of content. We have a lack of connection, and Methodists have a tradition of staying connected within the Body of Christ by joining together in small groups—called bands.

These are groups of 2–3 people [same gender], who commit to growing in Christ by meeting together each week for reflection, prayer, and accountability. The goal is to bless, encourage, and build one another up as you grow in your relationship with God and each other.

CLICK HERE for more information and questions about discipleship bands

How to Get Started:

Step One

Ask 1–3 people to form a band with you and sign up on the form below.

Step Two

Find a time where your group can meet.

Plan around school, work, and family to a set a consistent time each week [ex: every Monday at 8pm]. Meet on Zoom or face-to-face, whichever everyone in your group is comfortable with.

Step Three

Start meeting.

CLICK HERE for a guide to set the structure of your time together.